About Us

The Industry’s Recognized Education Leader

BOMI International began in the 1970’s as a spinoff from BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association). We are a non-profit, independent educational institute that has taught more than 90,000 industry professionals. We don’t sell memberships. We just offer the widest range of courses for building and facilities management. We remain close partners with BOMA, so in addition to online offerings and our own classroom schedule, more than 200 classes are offered at BOMA Local associations across the US and Canada every year.

BOMI graduates are better equipped for success:

99% BOMI program improved their knowledge of Property/Facility Management.

97% BOMI program helped them in their job performance and career overall.

94% BOMI program met or exceeded graduate expectations.

72% experienced a decrease in monthly operating expenses after BOMI courses.