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  • Heating Equipment Guidelines for Facility and Business Owners January 31, 2019
    As the U.S. is in the heart of winter and subzero temperatures are apparent, it is important to understand the standard operating procedures (SOP) for heating equipment in order to protect yourself, tenants, and your building.Whether you are a facility manager or business owner, proper maintenance of boilers and electric heating systems is crucial during […]
  • Solutions to Roofing Emergencies & Repairs January 18, 2019
    A good roofing management program extends the life of the roof and maintains its ability to perform with minimal repair. Depending on your role in the property, you will need to communicate with your facility management team to confirm that this program is in place. It is important to keep an inventory of repair materials appropriate for […]
  • Happy New Year 2019! January 2, 2019
    2018 was a year of advancement—from Leadership meeting with our Board to discuss current and future projects to the implementation of BOMI's new Learning Portal as an upgraded eLearning platform for learners. BOMI International continues to improve its practices and systems to better officiate your needs and career development. LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT UPDATELearning & Development has […]
  • Electrical Safety During the Holidays: Part 3 December 20, 2018
    In Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, we spoke about the proper work practices, understanding specialized equipment, and implementing lockout/tagout procedures for electrical safety. The last guideline when working with or around electricity is being prepared if something were to go wrong.Emergency ActionsIf emergency conditions caused by faulty electrical equipment arise, they must be addressed immediately. There are two […]
  • Electrical Safety During the Holidays: Part 2 December 14, 2018
    In Part 1 of this blog series, we spoke about what electrical safety is and the proper work practices. The next two guidelines when working with or around electricity are understanding the specialized equipment and implementing lockout/tagout procedures.Specialized Equipment: Definitions & How to Use A variety of safety equipment is designed specifically for use around energized electrical circuits.Ground […]
  • Electrical Safety During the Holidays: Part 1 December 7, 2018
    Safety is a part of every job, but is especially important when working with or around potentially energized electrical equipment. Each year, approximately 1,000 people die in accidents related to electricity. More than half of these deaths occurred in cases where the voltage was less than 600 V. Under the right conditions, as little as […]
  • What Defines Construction Contracts? November 30, 2018
    The terms construction documents and contract documents are often used interchangeably and casually in everyday practice. Technically, construction documents are two of several components of construction contract documents.Construction Contract DocumentsIn a contractual sense, a construction contract consists of four separate types of documents:The written legal agreement between the building owner and the builder.The construction drawings and specifications.The addenda to the drawings and/or […]