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  • Pumps: Daily, Quarterly, and Annual Preventative Maintenance October 26, 2018
    Pumps are designed to accomplish two tasks: overcome friction and move fluids by changing the pressure of a fluid or gas. To have pumps running efficiently for years, operators should perform routine inspections of its equipment.Daily MaintenanceOperators should record the following items in a daily log:Suction and discharge pressure.Suction and discharge temperature.Makeup water in Global Precipitation Measurement […]
  • 4 Ways to Show Professionalism in Facilities Services October 19, 2018
    The quality of facilities operations and maintenance services is the primary criteria by which customers judge the entire facilities management department. While the facilities manager can measure the performance of operations and maintenance services, corporate executives may gauge your success by the customers’ perception of those services.Facilities management employees and contractors can enhance the customers’ […]
  • 5 Climatic Conditions That Influence a Building's Energy Use October 12, 2018
    As you work to manage energy costs by paying attention to the systems in your facility, keep in mind that a number of factors beyond your control will affect the amount of energy you use. These 5 climatic conditions will influence a building designer’s choice of building orientation, configuration, and envelope, as well as a building’s […]
  • Which Sustainability Program is Best for Your Building? September 28, 2018
    Many organizations offer programs to help you measure or plan sustainability initiatives. The hardest part is choosing the best option for your building. We've done just that and present you with four options to help find the right fit for your next building improvement initiative. Energy StarThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) jointly with the […]
  • Benchmarking for Sustainable Building Investments September 20, 2018
    As we approach World Green Building Week, we are reminded to build, maintain, and invest in energy efficient buildings.Making smart building investments is key in commercial real estate. Benchmarking is an everyday practice that allows us to understand how well a building is performing against our expectations. We can compare a building’s performance to similar […]
  • "Insure" Your Building Survives a Hurricane September 12, 2018
    When disaster hits, one immediate challenge is to return to normal business operations. Your tenants and your employees rely on it for their livelihood. While hurricanes are extreme examples, even much less severe events can impact the business.When a building or business personal property is damaged, the resulting financial loss is not limited to the […]
  • How to Realistically Implement Organizational Changes September 7, 2018
    It is no mystery that rapid and complex change within organizations rattles the status quo and creates an undercurrent of insecurity among managers and employees alike.This insecurity results in reduced commitment, loyalty, trust, and motivation among employees, as well as job insecurity among managers. These negative effects can be reduced through managing change better.Types of […]